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Maureen Moran

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Maureen Moran

It was my good fortune to be referred to Maureen Moran by my financial advisor. From the beginning Maureen made me feel comfortable and confident that we would be successful in my search for a new home. The qualities Maureen brings to her role include friendly professionalism, a positive approach, an ability to explain details of real estate market, and personal knowledge of the path to success. It wasn’t long before I felt I had a friend helping me through what I thought might be difficult. My home sold in three days so the pressure built to find my new home. But Maureen had prepared me so well in the beginning I didn’t worry, but felt confident we would succeed. I have a lovely new home as a result of working with Maureen, but I also have a new friend whom I respect. Looking back, we had a lot of fun along the way!

Laura Ellis

I Love Love Love my work... and I want to share this passion with you. The search for the perfect match of people and property is my fuel and inspiration.

I would love to give you, my prospective seller or buyer client, the most thoughtful, comprehensive, and honest evaluation of real estate in the Madison area.

Then you'll be a smart consumer.

And smart consumers usually make smart decisions.

Real estate has been my profession for more than 25 years (as an appraiser, an agent, and a broker). I'm also a serial relocator (I love to move!). Whether you're moving across the country, or down the street, I totally appreciate and empathize with the crazy emotional and financial roller coaster ride of selling and buying a home.

Returning to the Madison area after many years away (and 15 different residences) has been a true “coming home” for our family. We’re thrilled to be your neighbors in this vibrant community. We treasure the intellectual stimulation of living in Wisconsin’s capital city as well as being in the cradle of one of the world’s finest universities. And, of course, there are the gorgeous lakes and green spaces... Mad City is fabulous!

Whether helping you choose the perfect buyer (in a sale) or discovering the ideal home (in a purchase), please know that my patience is boundless, my commitment to you is absolute, and our experience together will be generously sprinkled with laughter and fun.

If you're ready to learn the ins and outs of moving/staying/updating or anything home-focused, let's get together. It will be an enlightening conversation - and perhaps the beginning of a beautiful real estate relationship.

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